We try 4-5 times in the first hour

If a loved one does not respond to the daily call, the system will call out 4-5 times in the first hour and then "escalate" by contacting all of the care circle members (by email, SMS and/or phone according to the preferences that they have set.

Any care circle member can check in on their behalf

Once in escalation any member of the care circle can check in on behalf of the loved one, if they know them to be ok. They can do this by clicking on a link in the escalation email or via the website or via replying to the escalation SMS.

Thereafter we call once per day for 10 days

If the loved one still does not respond the system will continue to call each day for 10 days and each day we will also contact the care circle. After 10 days we cease calling the lovedone, until such as time as they checkin again by logging into the website or calling in to the system.